Steps to Optimize Microsoft Windows part 2

Continuing to optimize and improve the performance of your Microsoft Windows computer or laptop.

Let's continue where we left off with optimizing your computer or laptop.  We’ll start with the simplest, and uninstall any programs you don’t use or need.  From the list you created in the previous post, we’ll uninstall those applications.  Everyone’s experience level is different, so I’ll show the steps to uninstalling your unneeded applications.

You’ll need to navigate to your Programs and Features icon under the Control Panel.  To get to the Control Panel click on the start button in the lower left of your computer screen.  There will be a box where you can type in Control Panel and in the list that comes up you can click on it to launch the Control Panel.  Once in the Control Panel, look to the upper right of the box where it says View by, and select Large icons.  In the list of icons click on Programs and Features.  It will list programs installed on your computer.  Right click on the programs that you don’t want and click on uninstall in the box that pops up.  You can do that for each program you no longer need or want.  In the next post I will show an alternate way to uninstall your applications.

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