Steps to Optimize Microsoft Windows part 1

The following are some simple steps you can do to optimize and improve the performance of your Microsoft Windows computer or laptop.

One simple thing to check is to see what programs you have running on your computer.  Some of these programs will be programs that start automatically when you start your computer, and they may not be programs that you use or need.  But they will use resources on your computer that can be used for other applications, and by preventing the start up of these programs or removing them can help the performance of your computer.

Let's get started.  At the lower right of your computer screen you will have icons that list programs that are running on your computer. When you scroll your mouse over these icons and hover on one of the icons, it will have a small box that pops up and displays the name of the program. You can check each one and make a note of which ones you don't use or need to run at startup.  In a future post I will show how to disable these so they don't start when you start your computer, or if you never use them you could just uninstall the application associated with the icon.


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